C-ITS use telematics to enable real-time wireless communication between vehicles, roadside infrastructure, mobile devices and back-office systems, improving the safety and manageability of the transport network, and reducing congestion and costs.

TCA is taking an active role in responding to the local and international challenges and opportunities C-ITS pose to operators, regulators, policymakers and users.

C-ITS in Australia

The development and implementation of a local C-ITS framework by Austroads with the support of TCA will ensure Australia is able to capitalise on international developments.  

TCA and Austroads closely collaborated to assess the needs of stakeholders, provide security and privacy management, and develop system requirements and key resources, including a Systems Engineering Management Plan and a Concept of Operations.

TCA continues to work with Austroads to develop a Cooperative Credential Management System, which will be vital to establish interoperability, security and trust in the emerging C-ITS environment.

Global C-ITS Harmonisation

TCA continues to bring its knowledge and experience to Harmonisation Task Groups – international projects that coordinate the recommended implementation of C-ITS policies.

TCA is bringing its operational experience in delivering a security environment that covers the lifecycle of regulatory telematics solutions to discussions on privacy and security for C-ITS.

TCA’s shared leadership with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the European Commission affords Australia the opportunity to ensure its needs and policy expectations are represented in the harmonisation framework as it develops.

This is positioning Australia to minimise its long-term C-ITS establishment and operating costs by ensuring international products work as seamlessly as possible in Australia.

C-ITS – International Harmonisation Task Group Number 6 Findings and Recommendations (link)

C-ITS International Harmonisation Task Group (HTG) 6 met between January 2014 and July 2015 with the objective to develop a security policy framework for C-ITS that identifies the key areas for harmonisation across jurisdictional and international boundaries.

The significant work of HTG6 identified the security principles and global standards to foster the development and adoption of safer, cost-effective, and sustainable C-ITS. Harmonisation is a critical step in delivering a trustworthy, cooperative and cross-jurisdictional environment, and sets the foundations for operational applications of C-ITS for many years to come.

HTG6 acknowledged TCA’s leading role in the developing ITS frameworks that are internationally recognised and adopted. TCA’s experience in administering the National Telematics Framework, knowledge of international standards development, and the ability to manage the intersection between policy, technical, commercial and operational issues were crucial to the success of HTG6. TCA brought its expertise in delivering a commercially viable security environment, and its operational knowledge of the core systems and policies that will underpin international deployments of C-ITS.