The Tasmanian Department of State Growth (DSG) operates a Certified Telematics Service (CTS) to manage school buses.

The program has improved data collection for fare-paying school bus contracts throughout Tasmania.

TCA type-approved IVUs are fitted to buses to monitor each school route from origin to destination.  

The service allows DSG to monitor the operation of buses against agreed routes and timetables, as well as how many students travel to and from school within each fare zone.

In Tasmania, school students pay a reduced fare (which is less than the attributable cost of bus transport to and from school), DSG reimburses bus operators for the gap. 

Data recorded and stored through the service can be accessed by DSG to monitor contract compliance and to calculate the correct reimbursable figure to the operator by fare zone. 

Given that DSG’s contract payments for these particular school bus services are based upon the data collected, the integrity of data collection, transmission, storage and use is of critical importance to bus operators.