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Senior Enterprise Architect – Digital Identity

Austroads is looking for a Senior Enterprise Architect – Digital Identity to act as the primary designer and solution assurer for the future Austroads Digital Trust Service. 

Based in the Austroads offices in Sydney, Melbourne or working remotely, the Senior Enterprise Architect – Digital Identity will work with industry partners to create an innovative staging environment to allow government and industry to collaborate and develop technologies that use the Digital Trust Service to support current and future use cases. 

The Senior Enterprise Architect – Digital Identity will also assist to set up the critical policies, security controls and guidelines to ensure that industry and participating jurisdictions can readily understand and adopt the Digital Trust Service for national interoperability.

The role is responsible for:

  • Co-designing and developing the enterprise architecture for the Austroads National Digital Trust Service. This includes defining the platform functional, security and ceremony/process requirements to manage and securely revoke jurisdictionally provided Public Key Certificates.
  • Co-designing and developing the necessary policies, security procedures and controls in consultation with the relevant Austroads national governance committees.
  • Providing strategic and tactical advice including assurance of the solution design, security and privacy controls as the Digital Trust Service is developed for national adoption.
  • Developing an innovation sandpit using the Digital Trust Service to allow jurisdictions and industry partners to work collaboratively to solve real world problems and use cases with the Digital Trust Service.
  • Providing architectural advice to jurisdictions and industry as well as adopt key learning from them to evolve the capability to the Austroads Digital Trust Service.
  • Representing Austroads on key international standards and global initiatives related to digital identity and national digital wallets.
  • Project management oversight and advice as part of the implementation of the Austroads Digital Trust Service.
  • Managing and working with procurement partners and managed service provider to deliver on project and service deliverables and outcomes.

Qualifications, knowledge, and experience

The Senior Enterprise Architect – Digital Identity will possess:

  • Experience and subject matter expertise on digital identity and credentials, and how they are being deployed and used at a national and international level.
  • Applied experience in the design and implementation of public key infrastructure, particularly the secure management of public keys on behalf of a jurisdiction or nation.
  • Applied experience in the service design and operating model of a Digital Trust Service using public key infrastructure and master lists to provide national or jurisdictional interoperability.
  • Applied experience in developing policy, guidelines and manuals to support an organisation, other certificate authorities and relying parties to use and leverage a Digital Trust Service.
  • Previous experience in adopting international standards in digital identity.
  • Previous experience in project management, particularly in the area of implementing a digital identity, wallet or similar solution.
  • Previous experience managing vendors and managed service providers to deliver project outcomes.
  • Applied knowledge of Information Security Standards both at a national and international level.
  • Applied knowledge of the Commonwealth government digital identity strategies and policies.
  • Background in digital identity assurance and trust levels.
  • Background in the application of biometrics for digital identity management.

Personal qualities:

A successful candidate will need to present a professional image and build strong relationships across the enterprise. Specifically, the role requires:

  • Strong networking and teamworking skills at a local, national and international level
  • Sound judgement and problem-solving ability
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Professional ethics and integrity
  • Comfort working in an environment which is constantly evolving

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Last updated on 7 February 2024