Welcome to Road Infrastructure Management (RIM).

RIM is a monitoring application that provides a new way of collecting road use data from vehicles to better inform and optimise the management of road networks.

RIM is a low-cost application that monitors parameters of location, time and identity. Speed can be derived from position records.

Analysis and reports can include aggregated and de-identified data, and show trends across a network.

Find out more about RIM (PDF) from our brochure that has information on what you need to know about RIM, how RIM works, benefits of RIM and important information about RIM.

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Where can I get functional and technical specifications for RIM?

The RIM Functional and Technical Specification contains requirements for a technology provider to participate in RIM.

Please visit our website for a copy of the specification.


Terms and Conditions of Registration into the Scheme

We are currently finalising the terms and conditions of registration into the scheme.

Please contact us for more information.


Schemes currently available for RIM

For RIM (schemes), see our fact sheet on access arrangements