TCA is responsible for a growing suite of Functional and Technical Specifications for telematics and related intelligent technologies within the National Telematics Framework.

TCA's Functional and Technical Specifications – some of which are the only of their type in the world – set out the core requirements to ensure reliability, integrity and security of telematics and related devices and Service Providers.

Each of the Specifications set the standard for certification and type-approval, and provide the reference point for the independent assessment of hardware and software.


TCA’s Functional and Technical Specifications:

  • Are an embodiment of the public outcomes sought by governments through the application of telematics and related intelligent technologies

  • Are performance-based and outcome focused, without being overly prescriptive or solution oriented

  • Enable telematics and technology providers to deliver innovative approaches to deliver functional and technical outcomes

  • Promote competition and best practice, through multiple service providers

  • Reference the Telematics Data Dictionary.

Each of TCA’s Functional and Technical Specifications have been developed and are maintained to enable:

  • Inter-modality

  • Multiple uses

  • Interoperability.

TCA's suite of Functional and Technical Specifications currently include:

  • Intelligent Access Program (IAP) Functional and Technical Specification

  • Electronic Work Diary (EWD) Functional and Technical Specification (Draft)

  • Fare Device Functional and Technical Specification

  • Alcohol Interlock Functional and Technical Specification

  • Telematics In-Vehicle Unit (IVU) Functional and Technical Specification

  • On-Board Mass (OBM) System Functional and Technical Specification.

Requesting Specifications

Specification requests can be made by contacting TCA.

P: (03) 8601 4600

E: [email protected]