The Interconnectivity of Telematics In-Vehicle Unit (IVU) with other Systems Functional and Technical Specification has been developed by TCA.

This Specification provides an open-architecture and standard to permit the connection and communication of a Telematics IVU with other systems and devices.

With the emergence of telematics services that integrate functions offered by other intelligent systems and devices – such as electronic user interfaces, dispatch systems, On-Board Mass (OBM) systems and the like – the Specification enables the capabilities of a Telematics IVU, such as Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) time and positioning referencing, to be leveraged by other systems and devices. The Specification can be used for any mode of transport with a Telematics IVU including taxis, cars, locomotives, commercial and heavy vehicles.

This allows a Telematics IVU to be used a telematics ‘hub’ by providing interconnectivity with other related intelligent technologies. 

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