This displays a list of all data elements.

Each data element includes:

  • Generic Telematics Application Name: The generic telematics application that the data element has its primary origin in.  The data element can appear under more than one generic telematics application, as a fundamental principal of re-use of data elements where possible.
  • Field: The data element name.
  • FieldTypeASN1: Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) defines specific field types a data element may belong to and this indicates the field type as defined in ASN.1.  ASN.1 provides a standard to describing a message (a unit of application data) that can be sent or received in a network. ASN.1 is divided into two parts:
    • the rules of syntax for describing the contents of a message in terms of data type and content sequence or structure, and
    • how you actually encode each data item in a message.
  • FieldTypeGeneral: The data element's data type as commonly known. Data type is a classification identifying one of various types of data, such as real, integer or Boolean, that determines the possible values for that type; the operations that can be done on values of that type; the meaning of the data; and the way values of that type can be stored.
  • FieldTypeDescriptor: The data element's data type property that describes what you may expect in the data itself.
  • FieldTypeDetails: The data element's data type property limit(s) that may be applied to restrict what data can be contained in the data element.

Each of the data elements can be viewed, filtered or exported using the selectable options provided below.