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National Telematics Framework – Levels of Assurance

Just as the National Telematics Framework supports multiple applications, the Framework also supports different levels of assurance.

The National Telematics Framework allows road managers and regulators to determine the level of assurance for applications, depending on such things as:

  • The intended use of a telematics application
  • The risks being managed
  • The needs and expectations of consumers (and other stakeholders)

The different levels of assurance enable technology providers and transport operators to:

  • Use telematics applications for a diverse range of purpose
  • Apply the appropriate level of independent assessment commensurate with intended outcomes
  • Allocate risk to the party/ies best placed to manage those risks
  • Obtain the right balance between costs and benefits.

Importantly, assurance levels can be “dialled-up” or “dialled-down” without impacting the common business rules of the National Telematics Framework.

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