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National Telematics Framework – Telematics Business Rules

This document contains the set of common business rules of the National Telematics Framework that address platform policy, operations, and commercial dimensions. These business rules effectively define the principles and building blocks that underpin the National Telematics Framework.

The National Telematics Framework business rules are common to all applications and represent the foundations which give effect to the platform. Additionally, these common business rules are linked to and impacted by the varying levels of assurance of any one specific application (see the National Telematics Framework Levels of Assurance document).
There are other sets of rules derived from and for specific applications.

These other rules represent the policy setting that distinguish one application from another and are usually set by the producer of an application in consultation with providers, consumers and TCA. TCA’s input is to ensure platform applicability and importantly advice pertaining to other applications that may be similar, albeit for other producers dealing with other policy issues.

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