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Traveller Information Exchange (TIX) Flyer

The Traveller Information Exchange enables users of the transport network to connect with many producers of information through one common standardised information exchange.

The Traveller Information Exchange is an application of the National Telematics Framework, that builds on the core functionality of common data dictionary, business rules and other common infrastructure. It contributes to the digital transformation of transport by enabling the exchange of information through digital infrastructure.

The Traveller Information Exchange allows a growing number of information producers and information providers to share information with consumers by:

  • Supporting an ‘open exchange’ of information between producers, providers and consumers (making it available to any technology provider through an open standard)
  • Overcoming traditional barriers which inhibit the open exchange of information – creating a better-connected transport network
  • Enabling providers to target specific information from different producers to individual consumers – based on their needs for information during a journey.

This is an important asset in the emerging digital transport infrastructure.

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