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Intelligent Speed Management (ISM)

Intelligent Speed Management (ISM) is a set of operating requirements necessary to accurately measure vehicle speed using GPS.

GPS is the most common Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) used in telematics systems.

Who needs to know about Intelligent Speed Management?

Any transport operator which utilises telematics systems that reference the Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor vehicle speed can benefit from ISM.

Don’t all GPS-based telematics systems measure speed in the same way?

In short, no.

There can be significant differences in the way telematics systems measure and report speed.

Users may be relying on telematics systems to manage their speed compliance, without being aware that vehicle speeds may actually be under or over-reported.

The implications of not being able to confidently rely on the information derived from telematics systems can be far reaching.

A safeguard to manage speed limiter malfunctioning and tampering

The use of ISM provides transport operators with a second line-of-defence to detect possible instances of speed limiter malfunctions and possible tampering.

Managing Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations through ISM

Transport operators and other parties can utilise ISM as a way to assist in managing their CoR obligations, by gaining assurance through the accurate measurement of vehicle speed.

How it can be used

Intelligent Speed Management enables transport operators to better use GNSS (global navigation satellite system) capabilities to accurately measure speed of their vehicles.

Level of assurance

Level 1

Last updated on 28 September 2023