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Interim OBM Solution

The Interim OBM Solution uses OBM systems linked to the IAP, and enables road managers to manage the compliance of both route and mass conditions of heavy vehicles operating under specific conditions of access.

This means:

  • The Interim OBM Solution was established as a short-term measure until Intelligent Mass functionality was made available through the National Telematics Framework.
  • Intelligent Mass is scheduled to become operational and available during 2020.
  • No new providers for the Interim OBM Solution are being accepted, and these interim arrangements will be phased out over time.

How it can be used

The Interim OBM Solution may be used for productivity reforms that require knowing the location and mass of vehicles. This helps to manage access involving vulnerable structures, such as bridges.

Level of assurance

Level 2

Last updated on February 9th, 2020