Helping drivers and operators plan smarter and safer journeys



The Port of Fremantle provides real-time information on:

  • road closures,
  • congestion,
  • availability of port access slots and
  • other relevant information in the port precinct.

This information is intended to improve driver planning and scheduling on the way to the Port and enable a 'virtual truck marshalling area' for drivers and operators.

Using Port of Fremantle information

For telematics providers:

A live stream of information is available for technology providers and transport operators through the TIX web API. 

For transport operators managing telematics systems:

Ask your technology administrator to use the Port of Fremantle information.

For telematics users:

Ask your service provider to use the Port of Fremantle information.



Examples of how real-time information provided by the Port of Fremantle through TIX may be presented



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