Connected Vehicle Security & Standards Industry Event

The critical importance of worldwide efforts to harmonise security standards for connected and automated vehicles cannot be underestimated

  • How will we ensure that connected and automated participants are trusted on our road networks?
  • What might be the significant consequences of vehicle data being exposed or tampered with?
  • Will we achieve cyber-security and defend against hacking?
  • How will we protect against misbehaviour and malfunction?

Why TCA is hosting this industry event:

TCA is the co-lead working with the European Union and United States Department of Transportation on International Harmonisation Task Group 7 (HTG7).

HTG7 is working on strengthening and promoting security internationally to maximise harmonisation.

The special event will bring together HTG experts with Australian experts in Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) to discuss security and standards.

Program highlights:

The program aims to:

  • Draw together the separate conversations about transportation security, trust, and privacy
  • Recognise the benefits that a unified, consistent approach across Australia would provide
  • Promote understanding of the worldwide efforts focused on C-ITS / CAV security and standards harmonization
  • Identify how Australia can become engaged, particularly in the review and contributions to the HTG7 standards and architecture analysis

The program will include:

  • A guest keynote speaker from VicRoads
  • Preparing for deployment of CAVs in Europe and the USA
  • CCMS: The cooperative credential management system concept and architecture of trust
  • HARTS: the Harmonised Architecture Reference for Technical Standards
    architecture, analysis to-date and methodology for expert input
  • Q&A Panel, answering questions from the audience

Registrations for this event have now closed.