TCA has chosen to host this unique forum in order to progress the discussion and advancement of weigh-in-motion as it applies to both on-road and in-vehicle systems and end user needs.

TCA is internationally leading work in using On-Board Mass (OBM) systems. Australian road managers and regulators are recognising the value of OBM systems fitted to heavy vehicle combinations to further advance productivity and safety.

The link between on-road and in-vehicle is an increasingly co-dependent relationship. The two can now be connected in new and innovative ways. TCA aims to actively lead the collaborative approach to advancing the use and application of WIM. 

Who should be involved:

Experts and interested parties may include: 

  • Transport and road agencies
  • Regulators
  • On-board mass and telematics service providers
  • Weigh in Motion providers
  • Port authorities
  • Transport manufacturers
  • Transport Industry

Program highlights:

  • High speed weighing on road
  • On-board mass monitoring
  • Aligning the two systems
  • Expert discussion on the options
  • Workshop and forum to propose solutions
  • Technical demonstration tour

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