Directors (as at December 2019) 

  • Shane Gregory (Chair), General Manager, State Roads, Department of State Growth, Tasmania
  • Neil Scales (Deputy Chair), Director-General, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Tony Braxton-Smith, Chief Executive, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, South Australia
  • Jessica Hall, Executive Director, Surface Transport Policy, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development
  • Louise McCormick, General Manager, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Northern Territory
  • Peter Woronzow, Managing Director, Main Roads Western Australia
  • James Corrigan, Deputy Director General, Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate, ACT
  • Robyn Seymour, Chief Executive, Department of Transport Victoria
  • Matthew Fuller, Deputy Secretary, Regional, Transport for New South Wales

Alternate Directors

  • Dennis Walsh – alternate for Neil Scales
  • Emma Kokar – alternate for Tony Braxton-Smith
  • Nicholas Papandonakis – alternate for Louise McCormick
  • Desmond Snook – alternate for Peter Woronzow
  • Jeffrey McCarthy – alternate for Matthew Fuller

Company Secretary

  • Nicholas Koukoulas