• 2016-2018


    • In February 2016 TCA announced a new IAP Service Provider – Navman Wireless Australia (now Teletrac Navman)
    • In August 2016 TCA released a new Strategic Plan for 2016-2019
    • In September 2016:
      • TCA released a new resource for the Intelligent Access Program (IAP), a public overview document
      • TCA released a discussion paper on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)
      • BigMate obtained Type-Approval for a Telematics In-Vehicle Unit (IVU)
    • In October 2016:
      • TCA participated in the ITS World Congress as Official Demonstrations Partner. TCA coordinated a world first in demonstrations of interoperability, with demonstrations able to ‘talk to each other’ and the roadside using an open, agreed language. This was the first time many of these technologies were tested outside of a simulated or tightly controlled environment.
      • TCA announced a world first in heavy vehicle network navigation.  TCA joined VicRoads and Teletrac Navman to launch Smartnav, an application that coordinates jurisdictional data, mapping and location information, navigations functions and regulatory-based road networks. An important step in opening up the road network to be fully utilised by transport operators.
    • In November 2016:
      • TCA released the 2015-16 Annual Report, highlighting over 30,000 telematics IVUs that satisfy TCA requirements are already fitted to heavy vehicles across Australia.
      • In December 2016:
      • TCA CEO, Chris Koniditsiotis, was elected President of the International Society for Weigh-In-Motion (ISWIM)
      • The final draft of the On-Board Mass (OBM) Functional and Technical Specification was released.


  • 2013-2015


    • In January 2015 TCA and VicRoads launched a new industry framework for trialing road freight Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and associated technologies
    • In June 2015 TCA was announced as the Official Demonstrations Partner of the 23rd ITS World Congress
    • In July 2015:
      • Transtech Driven became the first to obtain Telematics IVU Type-Approval
      • The Taxi Services Commission (TSC) released a new specification for fare devices
    • In August 2015 TCA celebrated its 10th birthday.


    • In April 2014:
      • TCA released its new Strategic Plan through to June 2016, which responds to the growing use of telematics and related intelligent technologies - including Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) applications - by governments as enablers for reform
      • TCA was formally engaged by the Taxi Services Commission to support the implementation of its In-Taxi Technology Reform Program
      • TCA and Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) announced at the inaugural meeting of the new OECD Workshop for High Capacity Vehicles in Paris that the Operational Pilot of the IAP in Sweden has now officially commenced
      • The IAP started being used as a trial requirement by Main Roads Western Australia.
    • In May 2014 TCA announced it is accepting applications for type-approval of Telematics In-Vehicle Units (IVUs)
    • In June 2014 TCA announced it is leading the development of the Telematics Data Dictionary to establish a common set of definitions for the use and exchange of data and information
    • In December 2014:
      • RMS adopted the use of OBM Systems linked to the IAP
      • TCA released the Telematics Data Dictionary.


    • In February 2013 TCA launched the Certified Telematics Service (CTS). CTS forms part of the National Telematics Framework, and leverages TCA's established certification and audit frameworks for telematics and other intelligent technologies for Australian Governments
    • In March 2013 TCA announced an expansion to its portfolio with the release of Intelligent Speed Management (ISM), providing the transport and logistics sectors with a way to accurately measure vehicle speed through GPS-enabled telematics systems
    • In April 2013 TCA announced advancements to the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) by introducing Flexible HML Usage and Entry Options for Transport Operators
    • In May 2013 TCA established the Telematics Industry Group (TIG) to provide a consultative forum between TCA and the telematics industry on current and emerging issues of interest. The final meeting was held in August 2013.
    • TCA became the first Australian organisation to obtain National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation for the Calibration of GPS Based In-Vehicle Units (IVU) for Speed Accuracy
    • In October 2013 TCA won the ITS Asia Pacific Industry Award, recognising its work in deploying practical applications through the National Telematics Framework. The award was presented to TCA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Koniditsiotis at the 20th ITS World Congress in Tokyo, Japan
    • In October 2013, TCA released the EWD Functional and Technical Specification (Draft) in a coordinated effort with Transport for New South Wales release of the Final Report Operational Pilot of Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs) and Speed Monitoring Systems and the National Transport Commission's Preparing Australia for Electronic Work Diaries: Regulatory Issues Paper
    • In November 2013, TCA released a Telematics In-Vehicle Unit (IVU) Functional and Technical Specification which can be referenced for land-based transport uses and announced that it will accept applications for IVUs to be type-approved against the Specification.
  • 2010-2012


    • TCA announces that it is working with IAP Service Providers to introduce flexible pricing options for transport operators that have an occasional need to use the IAP
    • The Hon Duncan Gay MLC, launches the 'Entry Options' initiative, which provides ways for transport operators to have their existing In-Vehicle Units (IVUs) assessed for use in the IAP
    • The NSW Minister for Roads and Ports, the Hon Duncan Gay MLC, announces commencement of work to establish new ways for transport operators to benefit from IAP
    • Roads and Maritime Services of New South Wales (RMS) Electronic Work Diary (EWD) and Heavy Vehicle Speed Monitoring Pilot, progresses to the second stage
    • TCA announces Ctrack Pty Ltd certified as an IAP Service Provider
    • TCA operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The registration covers the Quality Management System for the administration of the IAP
    • TCA and TMR were jointly awarded the 2012 Transport and Logistics Excellence Award in the Environment by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA)
    • TCA and the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) were jointly awarded the 2012 Environmental Excellence Award by the Supply Chain and Logistics Association (SCLA). The award recognises the corporate leadership contributing to the solution of environmental sustainability within our industry through performance and action.
    • TCA and Scott Corporation Limited (SCL) were jointly awarded the 2012 Leadership in Logistics Operations Environment Award from the Logistics Association of Australia (LAA). This award recognises innovation, continuous improvement and participation by an individual or company in the logistics and supply chain operations environment, encompassing sustainability.


    • TCA and Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) jointly win the ITS Australia, 2011 National ITS Excellence Award
    • Swedish delegation visits TCA to learn more about IAP
    • TCA releases updated Strategic Plan 2011-12 - 2013-14
    • Vehicle Management Systems (VMS) Pty Ltd certified as an IAP Service Provider
    • New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) introduces new program utilising the IAP for High Risk Mobile Cranes
    • Release of new strategic focus and branding
    • NSW Goverment announces expansion of Higher Mass Limits (HML) network
    • Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) introduces new program utilising IAP for heavy mobile cranes and other specialised vehicles
    • OmniSTAR Pty Ltd ceased being an IAP Service Provider
    • RTA (NSW) Electronic Work Diary (EWD) and Heavy Vehicle Speed Monitoring Pilot commences with TCA engaged to implement the Pilot.


    • A Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 is established covering the Quality Management System for the administration of the IAP
    • IAP Regulations commenced in South Australia on 1st May 2010
    • IAP Service Provider Forum established
    • Black Box Control Pty Ltd announced as an IAP Service Provider
    • Trials of Heavy Vehicle On-Board Mass Monitoring commenced
    • OmniSTAR Pty Ltd decide to withdraw form the IAP. Transtech Driven Partnership, an IAP Service Provider, acquires and transfers OmniSTAR's IAP business
    • TCA awarded certificates of achievement by ITS Australia in both the National and Victorian categories for the successful deployment of the IAP
    • Austroads release the Draft Specification for Electronic Work Diary (EWD) and Heavy Vehicle Speed Monitoring (developed by TCA)
    • IAP Applications commence in South Australia
    • Pinpoint Pty Ltd announced as an IAP Service Provider
    • PBS 2B vehicles commence running from Toowoomba to the Port of Brisbane under the IAP.
  • 2007-2009


    • Sigtec Pty Ltd decide to withdraw from the IAP
    • Strategic Plan for TCA 2009-2014 released
    • OmniSTAR Pty Ltd announced as an IAP Service Provider
    • Further IAP Applications commence:
      • NSW - HML, PBS
      • QLD - HML, Quad Axle, PBS and
      • VIC - Mobile cranes, concrete pump trucks and high productivity freight vehicles.
    • Draft Specification for Heavy Vehicle On-Board Mass Monitoring released.
    • Transport Compliance Services Pty Ltd announced as an IAP Service Provider
    • TCA wins the Freight Industry Innovation/Technology Award at the 2009 Australian Freight Industry Awards
    • TCA's was appointed to the International Standards organisation's (ISO) Intelligent Transport Systems Technical Committee (ISO-TC204) and is chosen to convene Sub Working Group 7.4, which is leading the development of a new international standard, ISO 15638 - "Framework for Collaborative ITS Applications for Regulated Commercial Freight Vehicles".
    • IAP Regulation making power, added to principal Act (Road Traffic Act) in South Australia.



    • Independent review of TCA conducted, concludes with finding of positive performance of CTA
    • Sigtec Pty Ltd announced as an IAP Service Provider
    • Regulations made in Queensland
    • IAP Applications commence (NSW - Road Train Modernisation Program, Quad Axle Port Access)
    • The Transtech Driven Partnership announced as an IAP Service Provider
    • Moniorplanet Pty Ltd announced as an IAP Service Provider.


    • Applications for certification as IAP Service Providers received
    • TCA commences processing applications from companies seeking to become IAP Service Providers
    • IAP evidentiary provision entered in principal transport Act in Queensland.
  • 2004-2006


    • Official launch commemorating the opening of TCA in early 2006
    • IAP brand developed to make it distinguishable
    • IAP updated to include the ability for transport operators and/or their drivers to self-declare information
    • Full IAP legislation enacted in Victoria and New South Wales
    • TCA takes the IAP to market by opening its doors to receive applications from companies seeking certification as IAP Service Providers.


    • Standing Committee of Transport (SCOT) endorse Austroads Council decision and agrees to IAP Stage 1 and the establishment of the IAP Certification and Audit Group (later named Transport Certification Australia Limited)
    • IAP participating jurisdictions form Committee of Members to oversee establishment of new organisation
    • Appointment of Acting CEO to establish new organisation
    • Governance of IAP transferred to new organisation and Committee of Management
    • Members formally established Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA) on 15 August 2005
    • Confirmation of Acting CEO as inaugural CEO
    • TCA's role is to administer and implement all aspects of the IAP including policy and legislation, and to certify IAP Service Providers
    • Australian Transport Council (ATC) approved the Model IAP Legislation 2005.


    • IAP Stage 1 Implementation Project completed
    • Austroads Council endorse outputs of IAP Stage 1 Implementation Project.
  • 1999-2003


    • Austroads IAP Feasibility Project findings conclude IAP is feasible
    • Austroads Council endorse IAP Feasibility Project findings
    • Australian Transport Council (ATC) endorse IAP Feasibility Project findings and request Stage 1 of the IAP to be implemented
    • Austroads IAP Stage 1 Implementation Project commences under direction of same Steering Committee and National Project Manager.


    • 'Action Plan for the Austroads IAP Feasibility Project' released
    • National Project manager appointed to oversee and deliver Austroads IAP Feasibility Project.


    • For the project to progress further, it was brought under the auspices of Austroads
    • Austroads initiates feasibility assessment for the IAP (that is, the Austroads IAP Feasibility Project)
    • Austroads IAP Steering Committee (with representation from all jurisdictions, Austroads Council Member as Chair and NRTC/NTC as observer) formed to oversee project direction.


    • Tasmania completed the Intelligent Vehicle Trial, which demonstrated the basic feasibility of monitoring the movements of freight vehicles - in particular log trucks in that State.
    • Intelligent Access Project (IAP) commenced when the Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources approached other jurisdictions to initiate a national project.
    • A number of jurisdictions joined Tasmania in this project, contributing in-kind and direct funds.
    • Project explored the technical, regulatory, functional, privacy and implementation requirements as well as the policy and administrative framework to enable the IAP to work.