Telematics applications within the National Telematics Framework are developed by producers,
and made available to consumers by providers.


Applications available through the National Telematics Framework
(as at November 2018)



Example uses

Intelligent Access Program


The IAP application monitors heavy vehicles against their conditions of access to the road network.

Exception based reports are generated when location, time and/or speed conditions are breached.

Productivity and safety reforms which are dependent on the 'right truck being on the right road'.

There are over 75 access entitlements monitored through the IAP application.

Interim OBM Solution

The Interim OBM Solution utilises OBM systems linked to the IAP, enabling road managers to manage the compliance of both route and mass conditions of heavy vehicles operating under specific conditions of access. 



Productivity reforms which are dependent upon knowing the location and mass of vehicles, to manage access involving vulnerable structures.

The mass of a vehicles, including individual axle group masses, are crucial to the design, operation and ongoing maintenance of Australia’s transport network infrastructure, and its productive and safe use.


Intelligent Speed Compliance (ISC)


The ISC application monitors vehicle speed against nominated speed thresholds.

Exception based reports are generated when a speed threshold is breached.

Management of gross vehicle speed, and vehicle speed within specific geographic locations and/or times of day/specific dates.

Detection of speed limiter malfunctions and/or tampering.

Reduce the reliance on mechanical and electronic speed limiters to prevent vehicle speeding.

Load-speed access conditions applied for specific vehicle configurations/loads when traversing vulnerable road assets and structures.

Allows for the management of vehicle speed for:

  • Shared vehicle pedestrian areas
  • School zones.

Certified Telematics Service (CTS)

The CTS application provides a way to obtain strong assurance in the use of telematics and associated services, where public purpose outcomes are sought.

The use of telematics data to manage third-party contracts and agreements, including Chain-of-Responsibility (CoR) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements.

Intelligent Speed Management (ISM) The ISM application monitors vehicle speed using
GPS-enabled devices and services.
Provides a means for consumers to better utilise GNSS capabilities to accurately measure speed of their vehicles.

Allows transport operators to meet Chain-of-Responsibility (CoR) requirements.

Specific reports can be offered to consumers by providers.

Traveller Information Exchange

The TIX application allows different 'producers', 'providers' and 'consumers' to exchange information in a standardised format.

Improve the availability of information to drivers, to optimise journey planning and scheduling.