What is the Entry Options initiative?

The Entry Options initiative responds to industry's concerns that the IAP does not recognise existing in-vehicle technologies used by transport operators.

How do I become involved in the Entry Options initiative?

Transport Operators interested in being part of the Entry Options initiative can contact TCA by emailing [email protected]

Assessing In-Vehicle Units (IVUs) of Transport Operators

What is the process for having existing IVU(s) assessed and, if applicable, recognised for IAP Services?

There are two stages involved in assessing IVUs through Entry Options:

Stage 1: Desk-top Assessment

  • Participating transport operators will present their IVU(s) and corresponding IVU documentation to TCA.
  • TCA will assess the documentation associated with the IVU(s) against the national IAP Functional and Technical Specification and provide a written report.

TCA does not perform testing, and bases its assessment on the claims made in the documentation and representation made by the transport operator and/or IVU vendor/supplier.

  • The Desk-top Assessment will result in the following possible outcomes:
  1. The IVU can meet the required standard for delivering IAP Services
  2. The IVU does not meet the required standard for delivering IAP Services, but appropriate amendments can be made to deliver IAP Services

iii. The IVU does not meet the required standard for delivering IAP Services, and no changes can be made to deliver IAP Services.

The results of the assessment report and discussions with TCA will determine whether transport operators should progress to Stage 2 (below).

Stage 2: IAP Service Provider engagement

Subject to a positive outcome of Stage 1 (i.e. outcomes i or ii of the Desk-top Assessment), and pending approval from the IVU vendor/supplier (if applicable), transport operators may elect to engage and formally submit an IVU to an IAP Service Provider, who agrees to integrate the selected IVU into their system.

The IAP Service Provider engagement will confirm:

  1. the representations made in the Desk-top Assessment
  2. the ability of the engaged IAP Service Provider/s to interface with the selected IVU

iii. the ability to deliver IAP Services.

Further information about the Desk-top Assessment (Stage 1)

How will the IVUs be assessed?

TCA will assess IVUs against the national IAP Functional and Technical Specification.

Will I have to pay for the Desk-top Assessment of the IVU?


Participating transport operators will not have to pay TCA for the Stage 1 Desk-top Assessment of the IVU.

However, IAP Service Providers may incur costs in progressing transport operator IVUs through Stage 2.

How long will the Desk-top Assessment of the IVU take?

This will depend on a number of factors, including the availability of IVU documentation and the responsiveness of the IVU vendor/supplier in providing information as needed to TCA.

TCA will assess IVUs presented by participating transport operators on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

What representation can the IVU vendor/supplier make about their IVU, if approved for use in the IAP?

The Entry Options initiative is specifically targeted to benefit transport operators with existing IVUs.

Therefore, should TCA establish that an IVU selected by a participating transport operator be able to provide IAP Services (i.e. outcomes i or ii of the Stage 1 Desk-top Assessment), any approval granted by TCA to utilise the IVU will be limited only to that specific transport operator.

Should the vendor/supplier of an IVU seek to market the use of their IVU to provide IAP Services more broadly to other transport operators, the vendor/supplier will need to formally engage an IAP Service Provider to lodge a request with TCA for Type-Approval of the IVU.