Operational Fees

An Operational Fee applies to each vehicle monitored under the IAP application.

The Operational Fee covers the on-going review and audit activities performed by TCA to ensure that Certified Service Providers are meeting all of their obligations for the IAP application.

The Operational Fee is $41 (excl GST) per vehicle, per month1.

The Operational Fee may be adjusted based on relevant factors, including but not limited to:

  • The total number of vehicles participating in the IAP
  • Further additional IAP parameters or self-declaration function being added changing on-going review and audit activities performed by TCA
  • Structural changes to the TCA Operating Budget.

The TCA Board reserves the right to adjust the Operational Fee from time-to-time based on relevant factors.

Tiered Operational Fee Structure for the Higher Mass Limits (HML) IAP Application

TCA has introduced a tiered Operational Fee structure for the HML IAP Application which:

  • Recognises different levels of HML use
  • Reduces the costs of the IAP to transport operators.

For consistent HML usage, there is no change to the Operational Fee as stipulated above.


 HML usage

  Level of usage 2

  (per vehicle, per month)

  Operational Fee

  (per vehicle, per month)

  excl GST

  Infrequent use

  Up to 1 HML load/trip per month


  Occasional use

  Up to 5 HML loads/trips per month


  Consistent use

  Unlimited HML usage


TCA anticipates that:

  • Any cost savings made available for infrequent and occasional users through the Operational Fee will be passed on by IAP Service Providers
  • IAP Service Providers are able to offer more flexible options for both individual vehicles and transport operator fleets.

1Effective 1 January 2019

2The number of HML loads/trips will be determined by the number of self declaration NHVAS entries on the Total Combination Mass (TCM) exceeding CML (according to the type of eligible vehicle). Where NHVAS loading information is not entered into the IAP, it will be assumed that the vehicle is loaded to HML

Re-Certification and Other Charges

Other specified services will be charged on the basis of actual cost.

TCA will provide a non-binding, indicative quote in advance of the service being delivered.

By way of example, these charges could include:

  • The provision of 'discretionary' services from TCA
  • The cost to TCA of remedial activity necessary to correct any deficiency in an IAP Service Provider's operational performance
  • Re-certification of an IAP Service Provider system (part or whole) or issuing an updated endorsement (part or whole) of a specific type of IVU.