Intelligent Mass is being implemented as a new application of the National Telematics Framework that enables vehicle mass and configuration to be linked with other telematics data (such as location, time and speed) for a range of policy and decision making purposes.

The Intelligent Mass application builds upon the capabilities offered by type-approved On-Board Mass (OBM) Systems, which provide high levels of accuracy, reliability and robustness in the measurement of vehicle mass. The use of other mass monitoring devices are also accommodated within the application.

As an application of the National Telematics Framework, the Intelligent Mass application references common components of the platform including the Telematics Data Dictionary, the Telematics Data Exchange and associated Business Rules.

Catering to the needs of different stakeholders

The implementation of the Intelligent Mass application responds to a diverse range of stakeholder needs across different industry sectors and regulatory environments.

Coupled with the ability to apply different levels of assurance, the Intelligent Mass application is intended to cater for a diverse range of stakeholders who need to manage vehicle mass loading by using telematics.


Current status

A draft Functional and Technical Specification for the Intelligent Mass application has been released for consultation.

Request a copy of the draft Specification here.