Over 38,000 Telematics IVUs which are able to satisfy TCA requirements are already fitted to light and heavy vehicles across Australia  

Telematics IVUs may be used to perform any number of functions and services, including tracking, navigation, fleet management, safety, the management of regulatory requirements – along with the ability to interface with vehicle management systems and Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) systems.

The Functional and Technical Specification for Telematics In-Vehicle Units (IVUs) is intended to support the growing use of telematics. 

The Specification sets out the core requirements necessary to ensure reliability, accuracy, integrity and security, irrespective of its end use.

In November 2016, Intelligent Access Program (IAP) Service Providers advised TCA that there are 30,480 Telematics IVUs installed in heavy vehicles which are able to meet the requirements of the Telematics IVU Functional and Technical Specification. A further 1,500 Telematics IVUs installed in light vehicles, which highlights the growing diversity of demand for in-vehicle hardware which meet TCA requirements.

All TCA type-approved IVUs are future-ready, allowing transport operators to opt-in to regulatory telematics applications in the future - such as the Intelligent Access Program (IAP), Intelligent Speed Compliance (ISC), On-Board Mass (OBM) systems and the Electronic Work Diary (EWD) – even if they don’t have a need to so today.

The ability to co-locate commercial and regulatory applications in a single Telematics IVU has been enabled through the availability of the National Telematics Framework.

It means end-users don’t need to install separate, stand-alone devices to perform individual functions, significantly reducing costs by avoiding the need to support numerous stand alone devices.

Transport Operators now have the option to obtain a stand-alone type-approved Telematics IVU or obtain one of the type-approve Telematics IVU through the IAP.  See below for further details.


Telematics IVU Functional and Technical Specification

Further information and the link to the Specification can be found here.

Using the Specification

Further information about using the Specification can be found here.

Obtaining type-approval 

Information for suppliers of Telematics IVUs seeking type-approval can be found here.

Type-approved Telematics IVUs

TCA type-approves Telematics In-Vehicle Units (IVUs) against the Specification view the list here.

Entry options for existing IVUs

Information for transport operators on assessing existing IVUs against the Specification can be found here.


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