The Telematics IVU Specification may be used for the following broad purposes:

  • For suppliers of Telematics IVUs investigating and/or planning to apply for type-approval
  • For end-users investigating and comparing different Telematics IVUs against the Specification
    • Note: It is solely the responsibility of the end-user to satisfy itself whether the IVU meets the Specification. TCA cannot and does not make any representation that IVUs that have not been type-approved by TCA satisfy the requirements of the Specification
  • For end-users purchasing a Telematics IVU that has been type-approved by TCA
    • Note: A Certificate of Conformance Telematics In-Vehicle Unit (IVU) will be provided by the supplier or an agent, distributor or retailer at the point of supply to the end-user of each type-approved Telematics IVU.