Type-approval provides assurance of an OBM System in two critical ways:

  • A Probity and Financial assessment of OBM System suppliers.
    This assessment establishes the legitimacy and financial standing of suppliers seeking type-approval of an OBM System.
    The outcomes of the probity and financial assessment are critical indicators of OBM System suppliers’ ability to deliver the level of business continuity and support expected by stakeholders.
  • A Functional and Technical Assessment of OBM Systems
    This assessment establishes that an OBM System is able to satisfy each of the functional and technical requirements contained in the On-Board Mass (OBM) System Functional and Technical Specification.
    The assessment of OBM System ‘types’ focuses on performance-based outcomes, rather than prescribing technological approaches.
    TCA recognises that there are often many different ways to achieve an outcome, fostering innovation and best practice.

The stages of the OBM System type-approval process

TCA’s process for type-approval of an OBM System involves three stages.

  • Application and Checklist Stage
  • Risk Focused Review Stage
  • Type-Approval Stage.

TCA will determine whether an Applicant has successfully completed a stage and advise if they can proceed to the next stage.

Application and Checklist Stage

This Stage involves a probity and financial assessment of the OBM System supplier, and a review of the completed On-Board Mass System Checklist for Type-Approval.

Risk Focused Review Stage

This Stage involves a risk-based assessment of the On-Board Mass System Checklist for Type-Approval, taking into consideration the claims made and evidence supplied by the Applicant, and how they propose to meet the performance-based outcomes sought by the Specification.

Type-Approval Stage

Subject to TCA being satisfied that the requirements for type-approval of an OBM System have been met:

  • The Applicant will enter into an Agreement that sets out the terms and conditions for maintaining type-approval of an OBM System
  • TCA will grant type-approval of an OBM System.

Further details of each stage of the OBM type-approval process are provided when a type-approval application is initiated.


The cost of OBM System type-approval is detailed below and payable by the Applicant.


Type-approval of an OBM System
Fee Breakdown payable at the commencement of each stage:
Application and Checklist Stage $10,000 (excl. GST)
Risk Focused Review Stage $25,000 (excl. GST)
Type-approval Stage $5,000 (excl. GST)
Total $40,000 (excl. GST)


As an incentive to attract early applications, TCA is offering a 50% discount off the total fees where completed Application and Checklist Stage documentation is submitted to TCA within the first 60 calendar days of OBM System type-approval first being offered by TCA.

This discount is only applicable to Applicants that are confirmed to have supplied TCA with all of the necessary supporting documentation that is required to process the application.

Certificate of Conformance

A Certificate of Conformance for a type-approved OBM System will be provided by the supplier (or an agent, distributor or retailer) at the point of supply to end-users for each OBM System.

A fee of $20 per Certificate of Conformance, payable by the OBM System supplier to TCA will apply. TCA reserves the right to adjust the certificate fee at its discretion.

Request an Application Kit for OBM System Type-Approval

Contact TCA on (03) 8601 4600 or [email protected] to request an Application Kit for OBM System type-approval (via email or post).

The On-Board Mass (OBM) System Type-Approval Application Kit includes the following documents:

  1. On-Board Mass System Application for Type-Approval
  2. On-Board Mass System Guideline for Type-Approval
  3. On-Board Mass System Checklist for Type-Approval
  4. On-Board Mass System Type-Approval Agreement Sample
  5. On-Board Mass System Functional and Technical Specification
  6. Interconnectivity of Telematics In-Vehicle Unit with Other Systems Functional and Technical Specification.