Type-approved OBM Systems by TCA (as at November 2018)


OBM System Supplier

OBM System Model

OBM System Category
(See Note 1)

ECU Model
(See Note 2)

MSU Model
(See Note 3)

Suitable for vehicles with...


Loadmass Pty Ltd
(Loadman Australia)



LM300 Can-Coder




Category A






C371 - Can-Coder



Air suspension






Tramanco Pty Ltd


The CHEK-WAY Eliminator


Category A













Air suspension




Note 1: There are three categories of OBM System type-approval (Categories A, B and C). 

Note 2: The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is the processing unit of, and user interface for, the OBM System.

Note 3: The Mass Sensor Unit (MSU) measures the mass of an axle group.



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