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Webinar: National Telematics Framework – setting a benchmark for intelligent access

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September 20, 2023 1:00 pm - September 20, 2023 1:45 pm
Austroads and TCA

For over a decade, the National Telematics Framework has been setting a benchmark as an effective regulatory framework for optimised vehicle movements, making Australia a world-leader in intelligent access management.

The National Telematics Framework (Framework) was established following a series of decisions made by ministers between 2003 and 2008 and was globally recognised as an International Standard (ISO 15638) in 2012.

Supporting an open marketplace of telematics and related intelligent technology providers, the Framework consists of a common set of infrastructure and rules administered by the Transport Certification Australia (TCA) on behalf of the Australian Government.

The Framework provides an ecosystem to manage relationships and interactions between producers, providers, and consumers. Encouraging innovation and competition, it enables a market of certified services and type-approved hardware from multiple telematics providers. This provides assurance to the road managers and regulators as they manage vehicle access on the road network for improved efficiency, safety and protection of critical infrastructure.

The Framework is recognised as world’s best practice and has been referenced by other countries as they navigate similar complexities around compliance, asset protection and community benefits.

In this webinar, Gavin Hill, TCA’s general manager strategy and delivery, will talk about the core concepts of the Framework, TCA’s role as an independent technology assessor within the Framework and collaborations between TCA and other key players and stakeholders within the Framework.

Participants will also hear from Thomas Asp, a senior specialist at Swedish Transport Administration, about the Swedish model of intelligent access, the challenges specific to the Swedish road transport and how the country’s road authorities can benefit from the Australian experience.

Finally, Dr Christopher Walker, Academic Director at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), will present on the implications of the Australia-Sweden example for transnational policy transfer and what other countries can learn from the Australian model of intelligent access management.

This webinar will be beneficial to practitioners and policy makers within the transport industry. It will provide useful insights for the development of future vehicle management programs and share practical lessons around the implementation of complex regulatory frameworks.

There will be question and answer opportunities during the session.

Gavin Hill is the general manager of strategy and delivery at TCA. He has over two decades of experience working on technology and regulatory reforms in the Australian transport sector. Gavin is widely recognised internationally, having been invited to work with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on global transport and technology initiatives. He is the vice-president Australasia and Pacific for the International Forum for Heavy Vehicle Transport & Technology (HVTT). Gavin holds a master’s degree in public administration and an honours degree in economics.

Dr Christopher Walker is the academic director of the Executive Master of Public Administration at ANZSOG. Chris is also an adjunct professor with the School of Government and International Relations at the Griffith University in Queensland. Prior to this, Chris headed the School of Social Sciences at the University of New South Wales. Chris’s work in academic leadership was preceded by a highly successful 20-year career in the New South Wales public service that included senior executive appointments in the portfolios of health, transport, Premier and Cabinet. Drawing on his successful track record in academic leadership and public sector management, Chris is uniquely placed at the interface of academia and the public sector.

Thomas Asp is a senior specialist at the Swedish Transport Administration. He is a project leader for the research program on high-capacity transport at CLOSER, which is a neutral collaboration platform focused on increasing transport and logistics efficiency in Sweden. He is involved with a number of European and international road transport working groups, including as a co-leader for the Road Freight Transport working group of the Conference of European Directors of Roads, a member of the Long-Distance Freight working group at the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council and as a board member of the HVTT Forum. Thomas has a degree in civil engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

A recording of the webinar is available below:

The following are the slides from the webinar: