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Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA)

Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) provides a flexible, cost effective approach to managing vehicle access using telematics.

TMA monitors parameters of location, time and identity of enrolled vehicles.

Optional features include the monitoring of mass (with a Smart OBM system) and vehicle configuration, or the self-declaration of data through a user interface.

Analysis and reports contain identifiable data.

Enrolling vehicles in TMA

Enrolment is a simple process. We’re here to help – contact TCA to get started.

Using telematics already fitted to your vehicle

Transport operators can use their existing telematics systems in TMA.

Contact us to see whether you can register your existing system for TMA. 

How it can be used

TMA may be applied to monitor lower risk road use activities, and is used in conjunction with a TCA-approved telematics device.

Road managers or regulators will advise transport operators when enrolment of vehicles into TMA is required.

Level of assurance

Level 2


See Telematics Monitoring Application Schemes for operating arrangements in place.


Last updated on 24 October 2023