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Legal Notices

TCA is the registered owner of various trademarks, and the holder of patents in certain jurisdictions.


TCA™, Transport Certification Australia™, National Telematics Framework™, TCA Certified™, TCA Registered™, TCA Type-Approved™, Intelligent Access Program™, IAP®, IAP Service Provider™, IAP-SP™, In-Vehicle Unit™, IVU™, On-Board Mass™, OBM™, Telematics Monitoring Application™, TMA™, Road Infrastructure Management ™, RIM™, Intelligent Mass Monitoring™, IMM™, Intelligent Mass Assessment™, IMA™, Intelligent Location Monitoring™ and ILM™ are trademarks of Transport Certification Australia Limited.

Registered trademarks in Australia and New Zealand


TCA has two families of pending and granted patents in various jurisdictions:

  1. Method for monitoring vehicle use
  2. On-Board Mass (OBM) Systems, which is a system and method for monitoring vehicle mass tamper events.

Method for Monitoring Vehicle Use

Granted Patents

  • Australia Patent No. 2007237287
  • Canada Patent No. 2706963
  • New Zealand Patent No. 563929
  • New Zealand Patent No. 571763
  • United States Patent No. 8,660,740
  • United States Patent No. 9,135,757

Pending Patent Applications

  • Europe Patent Application No. 08854067.9

On-Board Mass (OBM) Systems

Granted Patents

  • Australia Patent No. 2011200095
  • Canada Patent No. 2,788,202
  • Canada Patent No. 2,960,787
  • Denmark Patent No. 2537007
  • France Patent No. 2537007
  • German Patent No. 2537007
  • Netherlands Patent No. 2537007
  • Norway Patent No. 2537007
  • Sweden Patent No. 2537007
  • United Kingdom Patent No. 2537007
  • United States Patent No. 9,020,658

Pending Patent Applications

  • Australia Patent Application No. 2015238899 – Division of 2011200095

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Last updated on 6 January 2021