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Standards and Accreditation


TCA is involved in a number of Australian Standards committees, including:

  • Standards Australia IT-023
  • Standards Australia CS-077 (AS3547)
  • Geoscience Australia PNT

Australia’s National Telematics Framework became an international standard in 2012.

ISO 15638: Framework for Collaborative Telematics Applications for Regulated Commercial Vehicles provides the following for cooperative telematics applications for regulated commercial freight vehicles.

  • A framework for the provision of cooperative telematics application services for regulated commercial freight vehicles
  • A description of the concept of operation, regulatory aspects and options and the role models
  • A conceptual architecture using an on-board platform and wireless communications to a regulator or his agent
  • References for the key documents on which the architecture is based
  • Details of the architecture of the facilities layer
  • A taxonomy of the organisation of generic procedures
  • Common terminology for the ISO 15638 family of standards.

NATA accreditation

TCA is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for:

  • Calibration of GPS Based In-Vehicle Units (IVU) for Speed Accuracy
  • Calibration of a Vehicle with Digital Speed Display

TCA’s NATA accreditation allows GPS based systems to be tested for speed accuracy.

Find out about our NATA accreditation.

Last updated on 6 January 2020