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National Telematics Framework

The National Telematics Framework facilitates the use of digital technology and data by linking Authorities, Providers and Operators to deliver public purpose outcomes.

About the National Telematics Framework

The National Telematics Framework:

  • Provides a national platform for the use of digital technologies and data
  • Supports different applications and schemes across policy areas
  • Supports different levels of assurance
  • Is outcome focussed and encourages innovation
  • Delivers data services to a range of users.

The National Telematics Framework was established following a series of decisions made by ministers between 2003 and 2008 and was globally recognised as an International Standard (ISO 15638) in 2012.

The Framework provides an operational ecosystem to manage relationships and interactions between:

  • Authorities: Creators of applications and schemes through the Framework, and/or users of data, reports and analysis using data generated from applications of the Framework.
  • Providers: Providers of digital technologies and/or services recognised through the Framework. A Provider may have one or more roles within the Framework. Examples include:
    • Application Service Provider (ASP) (if registered or certified to provide telematics application services)
    • Operator ASP (if registered or certified to provide telematics application services, and if also operating the vehicles it enrols in schemes of telematics applications)
    • Supplier (supplies telematics devices or connected devices)
    • Operator Supplier (supplies and installs telematics devices or connected devices exclusively in its vehicles that are within its custody and direct control).
  • Operators: Users of applications (and associated schemes) offered by ASPs through the Framework.
  • TCA: The national administrator responsible for functions and services within the Framework, which include:
    • Coordinating the interaction of parties within the Framework
    • Developing performance-based requirements for application service providers and suppliers
    • Overseeing assurance mechanisms for application service providers and suppliers (which offer services recognised through the Framework)
    • Managing the collection, storage and use of data, based on standardised consent arrangements entered into by users of applications and schemes
    • Managing the Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP) and associated services.

How to use the suite of National Telematics Framework Documents

The suite of National Telematics Framework documents and web content consists of descriptions of the common components of the Framework, levels of assurance and assurance models, and the use of applications and schemes within the Framework.

Click on the links below to access the documents:

Last updated on 23 September 2021