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Intelligent Access Program (IAP)

The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) is a technical, functional and regulatory framework to manage heavy vehicle access through the use of telematics. TCA administers IAP on behalf of Australian Governments to help advance productivity, asset sustainability, road safety and environmental outcomes.

The IAP provides a 21st century solution to ensure ‘the right truck is on the right road at the right time’.

The IAP is an assessment application that manages higher risk vehicles and loads on the road network. It monitors heavy vehicle operations against conditions of access set by road managers or regulators.

The IAP monitors parameters of location, speed, time and identity. An optional feature is the self-declaration of data through a user interface.

Event reports are generated when a vehicle breaches location, time or speed conditions.

How it can be used

It is used to support productivity and safety reforms that require the right truck to be on the right road, at the right time.

Road managers or regulators will advise transport operators when enrolment into the IAP is required.

Level of assurance

Level 3


There are over 75 road network access entitlements monitored though the IAP application.

Vehicle enrolments for the IAP in Victoria and New South Wales

At the direction of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), TCA has assumed responsibility for administering vehicle enrolments for the IAP in Victoria and New South Wales.

Please contact TCA on (03) 8601 4600, or at [email protected] regarding any issues, queries or concerns you may have with regards to your Intelligent Access Conditions or IAP approvals.

Please visit the NHVR website for application forms, permits, notices and access approvals.

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Last updated on 31 October 2023