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Intelligent Access Program Functional and Technical Specification

The functional and technical specification for the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) was the first application of the National Telematics Framework.

Introduced as a means move beyond traditional paper-based route compliance mechanisms, the specification enabled the remote monitoring of heavy vehicles against conditions of access set by road managers or regulators.

The IAP formed part of a set of reforms introduced in concert with the specification including:

  • Development of National Model Law for the IAP, by the National Transport Commission (NTC)
  • Introduction of new access arrangements to improve heavy vehicle productivity and safety.

In May 2008, the former Australian Transport Council (ATC) agreed that the IAP be seen as “a preferred compliance and vehicle management solution and that jurisdictions consider a positive approach to timetabling IAP applications where it could assist improving safety, transport services and asset management with respect to heavy vehicle operations, including bus services.”

The ATC also noted that the jurisdictions established the IAP as a compliance ‘tool’ to provide greater compliance assurance in relation to the road freight sector for use as appropriate.

At its November 2008 meeting, the ATC called for the development of an Australian performance-based specification for electronic heavy vehicle speed and driver fatigue systems, enhancing the use of in-vehicle telematics and adding value to the IAP.

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