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Hardware refers to the use of telematics devices and connected systems that generate data from vehicles.

Hardware used in vehicles allows the activation of applications and features of the National Telematics Framework.

This section covers two main types of hardware:

Type-Approved Telematics Devices

Telematics devices that have been type approved by TCA fall into two main groupings:

  • Type-approved telematics devices
  • Type-approved telematics devices (for use only by nominated transport operators)

Suppliers of type-approved telematics devices
Obtaining type-approval for a telematics device

Type-Approved OBM Systems

OBM Systems that have been type-approved by TCA fall into two main groupings:

  • Type-approved OBM systems
  • Type-approved OBM systems (for use by nominated transport operators only)

Suppliers of type-approved OBM systems
Obtaining type-approval for an OBM system

Please select an application under each level of assurance to find out more about it: