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Certification, Type-Approval and Registration


TCA’s administration of telematics and related intelligent technology applications and programs provide assurance to governments, industry sectors and end users through the certification and audit of service providers.

Certification is the process by which TCA determines whether a company seeking to be TCA Certified meets the probity, financial, functional and technical standards of the program.

If you are a telematics provider and would like to learn more about becoming a TCA Certified Service Provider, visit our Becoming a Service Provider page.

TCA Certified Service Providers are identified through the TCA Certified logo and the relevant ‘tick disc’.

Intelligent Access Program (IAP)

Certified Telematics Service (CTS)

Intelligent Speed Compliance (ISC)


TCA independently assesses hardware and systems for conformance against performance-based requirements contained in TCA’s functional and technical specifications.

TCA type-approval is more than just a technical assessment, it extends to an assessment of the business standing of suppliers. This holistic approach to type-approval delivers assurance in two critical ways:

  1. A probity and financial assessment ensures the legitimacy and financial standing of suppliers seeking type-approval. The outcomes of the probity and financial assessment are critical indicators of a suppliers’ ability to deliver the level of business continuity and support expected by stakeholders.
  2. By performing an independent assessment of ‘types’, type-approval ensures that each of the performance-based requirements contained in TCA’s Functional and Technical Specification are satisfied.

TCA currently offers type-approval for telematics devices and on-board mass (OBM) systems. Telematics devices may be type-approved for use at Level 2 Assurance or Level 3 Assurance.

If you are a telematics provider and would like to learn more about obtaining type-approval, visit our Obtaining Type-Approval pages.

Suppliers of hardware and systems that have been type-approved by TCA are identified by the TCA type-approved logo and the relevant ‘tick disc’.

Telematics Devices

TCA type-approves telematics devices against the Telematics Device Functional and Technical Specification.

All type-approved telematics IVUs are accompanied by a Certificate of Conformance.

On-Board Mass (OBM) Systems

TCA type-approves OBM systems against the On-Board Mass System Functional and Technical Specification.

All type-approved OBM systems supplied to transport operators are accompanied by a Certificate of Conformance.


Service providers can now register to offer applications at lower levels of assurance, such as Road Infrastructure Management (RIM).

TCA has issued the RIM logo for use by registered providers only.

Road Infrastructure Management (RIM)

Last updated on March 27th, 2020