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Strategic Plan

The TCA Strategic Plan 2016-2019 recognises and acknowledges:

  • TCA as a ‘cross-cutting’ organisation which works across different policy streams, surface transport modes, and government and industry sectors
  • The transformational, disruptive influences of technology to surface  transport, where traditional stakeholder roles and responsibilities are changing, and new applications of disruptive technologies (as well as applications of existing technologies)
  • The need to promote innovation, and non-conventional approaches to current and emerging challenges of achieving safe, productive and efficient mobility outcomes
  • The number and diversity of stakeholders with whom TCA are working is growing, both nationally and internationally – presenting new opportunities for TCA to share its vision, and to align its strategic orientation with those of its Members and other government organisations
  • The growing need for governments to provide robust, sustainable and technology-based public purpose outcomes through policy development, program management and service delivery
  • The rapid pace at which technologically-driven changes are influencing public policy deliberations and government decision making
  • The need for assurance in the use of telematics and related technologies.

The Strategic Plan responds to these evolving challenges and opportunities, and ensures that TCA’s Members and other stakeholders obtain assurance through the provision of independent Advice, Accreditation and Administration services.