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Strategic Plan

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) is a national organisation that provides assurance services relating to transport technologies and data to enable improved public purpose outcomes from road transport. Priority outcome areas enabled by TCA services include improved road safety, transport efficiency, freight productivity, asset management and sustainability.

Austroads 2023-27 Strategic Plan, released in August 2023, focuses the organisation to address challenges and seize opportunities in the Australian and New Zealand road transport sector.

The plan identifies five areas of challenge and opportunity for Austroads in the coming years to continue providing support and guidance to its members:

1- The evolving priorities and needs of our members: Austroads recognises that the needs and priorities of its members are constantly evolving, particularly now in the face of rapid climate change and evolutions in technology.

2- Impacts from government and regulatory reform: Austroads members operate in dynamic environments in which government policy and regulatory reform can be fast changing. Austroads will continue to prepare its members for transport reforms and changing operational environments.

3- Emerging trends and disruptions: Emerging trends and disruptions—from changes in mobility patterns to new modes of transport—have profound impacts on the road and transport sectors. Our future products and services need to recognise major trends and disruptions occurring within the transport sector and elsewhere.

4- Developments in technology and data: Austroads will continue to be a data-driven business and a trusted custodian of data. Emerging and future technologies bring the promise of added value, but also risks if they are not developed and deployed effectively.

5- Constraints on capability and capacity: We will continue to evolve to ensure we can fully respond to the needs of member agencies.

Austroads comprises several business activities, including the core Austroads work program, the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) and TCA.

Download the Austroads Strategic Plan 2023-27

Last updated on 31 August 2023