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What We Do

The scope of our services will continue to evolve across and within the following service categories:


Assurance case studies


  • Administration of the National Telematics Framework, including the rules, specifications, agreements and digital infrastructure that it comprises
  • Support for applications, schemes and other initiatives on behalf of key stakeholders
  • Maintenance of road access maps, scheme conditions, and processing of data and information
  • Monitoring the health of the GPS network
  • Administration of an audit program for certified services to ensure that the technical, functional, business and legal requirements certified by TCA continue to meet expectations.

Administration case studies

Analysis and Reporting

  • Standardised and ad-hoc data analysis, reporting and data provision to support the compliance, policy, planning, investment and operational decision making of key stakeholders
  • Manage the Telematics Analytics Platform to support user access to data and reporting services
  • Provide core analysis and reporting capabilities that key stakeholders require.


  • Provision of authoritative information and trusted advice on transport technologies and data to support policy and regulatory reform, and planning, investment and operational decisions
  • Well-developed knowledge on emerging vehicle and transport technologies, including telematics, connected and automated driving systems, and innovative mobility services.

We interact with three distinct stakeholder groups in providing services across assurance, administration, advice and analysis and reporting, to deliver improved public outcomes:

  • Government authorities – that administer policies, regulations and programs using telematics and related technologies
  • Transport operators – that use telematics and related intelligent technologies in response to government or regulatory policies and programs
  • Service providers and suppliers – that develop and deliver telematics (and data) products and services products and services to regulated industry sectors and transport operators.

Advice case studies

Last updated on 8 September 2023