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Obtaining Type-Approval of On-Board Mass (OBM) Systems

Type-approval of an on-board mass (OBM) system is the process that TCA uses to determine:

  • if an applicant is suitable from a probity, financial and commercial perspective to have its OBM system type-approved by TCA, and
  • whether an OBM system presented by the applicant meets the functional and technical requirements set out in the On-Board Mass System Functional and Technical Specification.

An applicant must meet all of the prudential, financial, technical and functional requirements necessary to achieve type-approval of its OBM system.

Applying for type-approval of an OBM system

Applicants can apply for type-approval by contacting TCA.

The Guideline – Type-Approval Process details the process that applicants will progress through with TCA to obtain type-approval.

TCA recovers the costs associated with each stage of type-approval of an OBM system from applicants, as detailed below.

Stages of type-approval of an OBM system

Stages 1 and 2Application and checklist $10,000 (excl GST)
Stage 3Risk-focused review and testing  $25,000 (excl GST)
Stage 4Type-approval $5,000 (excl GST)

Note: The costs TCA applies are for suppliers intending to commercialise their OBM systems to consumers. These costs do not apply to assessments of transport operator systems that are not commercialised.

Certificates of Conformance

Once type-approval has been obtained, the applicant will issue a Certificate of Conformance with each type-approved OBM system supplied to consumers.

Each Certificate of Conformance is valued at $20 (excl. GST), and is payable by the applicant.

TCA reserves the right to adjust the costs associated with type-approval and Certificates of Conformance.

Last updated on 22 March 2021