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National Telematics Framework Functional and Technical Specifications

TCA is responsible for a growing suite of functional and technical specifications for telematics and related intelligent technologies within the National Telematics Framework.

The functional and technical specifications set out core requirements to ensure reliability, integrity and security of telematics, related devices and service providers.

Each specification sets the standard for certification (or registration) and TCA approval of hardware, as required, and provides a reference point for the independent assessment of hardware and software.

TCA’s functional and technical specifications:

  • Are an embodiment of the public outcomes sought by governments through the application of telematics and related intelligent technologies
  • Are performance-based and outcome-focused, without being overly prescriptive or solution-oriented
  • Enable telematics and technology providers to deliver innovative approaches to functional and technical outcomes
  • Promote competition and best practice, through multiple service providers
  • Reference the Telematics Business-to-Business Data Exchange Functional and Technical Specification, which incorporates the Telematics Data Dictionary.

Each functional and technical specification is developed and maintained to enable seamless operation with other specifications in the TCA suite that includes:

Requesting Specifications

You can request a specification from its web page, or by contacting us.

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Last updated on 23 September 2020