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Telematics Data Exchange

The Telematics Data Exchange (TDE) defines the standard methods and mechanisms for the transfer of telematics data for telematics applications, features and schemes within the National Telematics Framework (NTF).

Referencing the Telematics Data Dictionary and drawing upon other components of the NTF, TDE provides a standardised, contemporary and efficient method of data exchange.

TDE supports current and future telematics applications and features offered through the NTF, and brings together entities operating within the NTF in a structured digital business environment.


TDE standardises the structure and provision of telematics data, and facilitates the reporting and visualisation of that data.

Application Service Providers (ASPs) that implement TDE for one telematics application can quickly deploy other applications using the same web services and data structures. This means that development for other applications is incremental for ASPs, lowering costs.

The standard methods and mechanisms defined in TDE allow telematics data to be visualised via the Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP).

For more detail about TDE, please refer to Telematics Business-to-Business Data Exchange Functional and Technical Specification, or please contact us.

Last updated on 30 August 2021