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Industry-Led Data Sharing Initiatives

Data sharing initiatives are led by industry associations and their participating member organisations, in partnership with Transport Certification Australia (TCA). 

Industry association members wishing to participate, voluntarily share their telematics data with TCA. By visualising the aggregated and anonymised data through its Telematics Analytics Platform, TCA helps the stakeholders gain insights into their sector.  

TCA establishes safe connections for collecting telematics data from transport operators, based on consent-based agreements. TCA ensures all data is aggregated, de-identified and anonymised before the results are visualised.  

Benefits for the industry 

Industry associations leading data-sharing initiatives draw benefits from: 

  • gaining a macro-view of the vehicle movements in their sector 
  • evidence to support discussions with road managers and other government authorities 
  • better understanding of the impact of disruptions on their sector 
  • evidence of the value provided by their sector. 

Benefits for road authorities 

The road authorities involved in data-sharing initiatives draw benefits from: 

  • gaining insights into movements of vehicles active in specific sectors 
  • making informed decisions on issues such as land-use planning, network expansions, detours, roadwork planning and budgeting.

 TCA is currently involved in two industry-led data sharing initiatives: 

For more information on industry-led data sharing initiatives, please contact TCA. 

Last updated on 10 May 2024