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Another registered provider for RIM

22 October 2020

Transport Certification Australia has announced MTData as another registered provider for the Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) application.

A new application of the National Telematics Framework, RIM enables the collection of road use data from vehicles fitted with a telematics device, and is being used by road agencies to drive productivity and safety reforms, while reducing costs.

Aaron Balthazaar, General Manager Certified Telematics for MTData, said, “With almost 20 years in fleet management tailored to the Australian industry, we’re pleased to add RIM to our service offerings that combine intelligent firmware with high-quality technology.”

He said, “Our decision to offer the RIM application has been driven by the needs of our customers, who want to take advantage of new arrangements being offered in New South Wales, including the Safety, Productivity and Environment Construction Transport Scheme (SPECTS) and more flexible arrangements for our customers involved in OverSize OverMass (OSOM) movements.”

Information about MTData is available at mtdata.com.au.

Information on how the RIM application is being used for new productivity and safety initiatives is available under RIM schemes on the TCA website.

See also: Information for Transport Operators.

Interested in offering RIM as a registered provider? Talk to us, or visit tca.gov.au/rim.

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