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TCA to develop Telematics Data Dictionary

4 June 2014

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) today announced it has taken a lead role in the development of a Telematics Data Dictionary, to establish a common set of definitions for the use and exchange of data and information, in line with the recommended direction set by the Transport and Infrastructure Council.

The need for a Telematics Data Dictionary was highlighted in two papers that were published by the National Transport Commission (NTC) with input from TCA: the National In-Vehicle Telematics Strategy (2011) and the subsequent development of the Compliance Framework for Heavy Vehicle Telematics (2014).

“TCA and its Members recognise the positive outcomes that can be derived from the provision of a Telematics Data Dictionary, by assisting stakeholders in developing telematics applications, and promoting greater consistency in the use of data across systems and services,” said TCA Chief Executive Officer, Chris Koniditsiotis.

“The Telematics Data Dictionary will evolve over time, as new applications emerge, and can be used to inform stakeholders, encouraging consistency in the use of data across systems and services.”

“For telematics systems and services to operate efficiently, and to encourage interoperability in the future, there needs to be a common understanding of communication protocol (eg common language), data set form (eg common set of words) and meaning (eg common word definitions).”

“The Telematics Data Dictionary will give all stakeholders and end-users across industry sectors the ability to consistently adopt data, vital when leading the development of new policies and programs that leverage the use of telematics and related technologies.”

“The availability of a Telematics Data Dictionary promotes a more seamless and interoperable adoption of telematics services into the future,” said Mr Koniditsiotis.

TCA’s development of the Telematics Data Dictionary will align with the national and international frameworks and standards, including the National Telematics Framework, the Policy Framework for Intelligent Transport Systems in Australia, and the global ISO 15638: Framework for Collaborative Telematics Applications for Regulated Commercial Freight Vehicles.

TCA’s work on the Telematics Data Dictionary will be performed in conjunction with its Members, the NTC and other stakeholders prior to the end of 2014.