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The time to transition from 3G is almost up – Are you ready?

8 May 2024

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) encourages the transport sector to act fast to retire any remaining 3G telematics devices being used in vehicles, before the closure of the 3G network in Australia.

Earlier this week, Telstra announced that it was extending the deadline for the closure of its 3G network from 30 June to 31 August 2024. Optus will also switch off its 3G network in September 2024.

Gavin Hill, TCA’s General Manager, Strategic Engagement and Performance, emphasised that despite the extension provided by Telstra, there’s still limited time available to transport operators who rely on telematics devices for access or productivity benefits to manage their transitions.

“There are over 15,000 heavy vehicles currently reporting telematics data from their vehicles through the National Telematics Framework, which enables them to take advantage of productivity and/or safety benefits offered by Australia’s road managers,” he said.

“Transport operators who rely on telematics devices for the Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) application, the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) or the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) need to ensure their telematics devices have been upgraded to remain legally compliant with road access notices or permits,” he added.

As the administrator of the National Telematics Framework, TCA plays a key role in assessing and approving telematics hardware for use in telematics schemes that enable heavy vehicles to operate on the Australian road network.

TCA’s registered and certified service providers are the first point of contact for transport operators who wish to check if their vehicles are affected by the 3G closure.

“TCA’s message is: don’t delay. Commit to a rollout schedule with your provider to ensure you remain compliant after the 3G shutdown,” Gavin concluded.

A list of 4G compliant telematics devices which have been type-approved by TCA is available here.