Telematics sweetens road transport

Telematics can help improve safety, efficiency, and compliance in road transport, leading to cost savings and reduced red tape for road access.

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Are you a heavy vehicle owner/driver?

Telematics can sweeten your trip.

Fitting telematic technologies to your vehicles and agreeing to share your data with TCA can improve your productivity and make it easier to access some parts of the network. 

Signing up to telematics schemes can: 

  • Improve productivity by allowing higher mass limits 
  • Reduce red tape to gain access to parts of the road network 
  • Help to ensure you meet your compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions 
  • Improve safety by helping road managers to identify where there are potential problems (for example, where drivers are repeatedly braking harshly).  

Enrolling in the relevant schemes and using TCA-approved hardware, including telematics devices and smart on-board mass (Smart OBM) systems, gives you a safe way to share data with road managers and enjoy the benefits of the schemes. 

More information about the various schemes and applications administered by TCA is available here 

Are you a road manager?

TAP is a sweet addition to your road data resources.  

TCA’s Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP) puts vehicle-generated data at the fingertips of road managers.  

TAP provides de-identified analytics, which can be used to: 

  • Understand when and how heavy vehicles are using the road network 
  • Understand the weight and speeds of heavy vehicles  
  • Identify potential safety hotspots   
  • Analyse first and last mile activity 
  • Identify investment priorities or opportunities  
  • Provide evidence for funding applications 
  • Respond to community concerns. 

More information about the TAP portal is available here

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