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National Telematics Framework – Updated document suite launched

9 July 2018

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) today released an updated suite of documents for the National Telematics Framework.

The National Telematics Framework is a government-endorsed, digital business platform for telematics and related intelligent technologies, which manages the relationships and interactions between producers, providers and consumers.

The digital economy – and associated technological advancements – are challenging the public sector, which is striving to foster innovation, protecting consumers and addressing the potential unintended consequences of disruption to ensure an open technology market.

The Chief Executive Officer of TCA, Chris Koniditsiotis, said, “The updated suite of documents have been developed to provide greater clarity to producers, providers and consumers.”

“With the Framework now being utilised across a diversity of policy areas, industry sectors and end-users, it’s crucial that key components of the Framework are understood by all stakeholders.”

The updated suite of documents includes:

“Together, these documents present the inter-related components which underpin the operation of the National Telematics Framework, which allows providers to link producers and consumers by offering applications with different levels of assurance to co-exist.”