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Acquisition of TCA certified service provider by Telstra

7 November 2017

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) today released information about the acquisition of a certified service provider.

MTData and its wholly-owned subsidiary Transport Compliance Services (TCS) – which has been certified by TCA since 2009 – have been acquired by Telstra.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of TCA, Gavin Hill, said “The acquisition of MTData and TCS by Telstra recognises the long-standing commitment both organisations have made in Australia to support the use of telematics.”

“TCS has a range of devices installed across the Australian vehicle fleet that are able to satisfy TCA requirements, and which enable the co-location of commercial and regulatory apps through the National Telematics Framework.”

“TCS has confirmed to TCA that approved devices already installed in vehicles, together with certified apps administered through the National Telematics Framework, will continue to be supported,” Mr Hill said.

“Importantly, for industry and government users that rely on certified apps provided by TCS, established operating arrangements will not be impacted.”

Mr Hill concluded, “TCA looks forward to working with TCS and Telstra to further advance the use of in-vehicle technologies to deliver improved productivity, efficiency and safety outcomes through an open technology market.”