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Australian 3G network shutdown – start your transition now!

26 July 2023

Between December 2023 and September 2024, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone will close their 3G networks to make room for new, faster services. The 3G network shutdown will affect vital equipment and services and the road transport sector is urged to start their transition immediately.

When 3G networks are shut down entirely, devices that rely on 3G connectivity will no longer function. To continue to operate those devices will need to be upgraded or replaced. Commonly affected devices include:
• Telematics and vehicle/asset tracking devices installed in heavy and light vehicles as well as general assets such as trailers, generators, etc.
• Traffic management signs used in school zones, intersections and freeways
• Weather systems and stations
• Alarms/building entry
• Devices that incorporate gateway or mesh backhaul
• Personal Emergency Response (PER) systems
• Phones and tablets.

The shutdown will affect the large number of devices across the industry. Early transition and planning are crucial. The migration process may take months to complete, depending on the number of affected devices and the availability of installers.

Austroads and Transport Certification Australia have partnered with key industry players and organisations provide high-level information on the impacts of the shutdown and what local government and transport industry need to do to prepare for the transition.

TCA and Austroads hosted a webinar on 4 September 2023 about the Australian 3G network shutdown. A recording of the webinar is available here.