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First in-field assessments begin for innovative temporary traffic management devices 

2 May 2023

A solar powered mobile traffic gate is amongst the first temporary traffic management innovations to be put through its paces as part of the Austroads Innovative Temporary Traffic Management Device and Solution Assessment (AITDSA) scheme.  

AITDSA allows innovations used for temporary traffic management to be assessed and recommended for use in Australia and New Zealand. It responds to the emergence of new technologies, innovative solutions and devices which can be used to improve safety at work sites. 

The solar powered traffic gate will be assessed over the coming weeks at the Warringah Freeway Upgrade Project in Sydney, and the Oxley Highway in New South Wales. The in-field assessment has been facilitated by Craig Walker, Senior Manager, Temporary Traffic Management at Transport for NSW.

Other in-field assessments being progressed through AITDSA include illuminated guidance technologies, temporary road surface covers and innovative approaches to manage temporary lane closures. 

AITDSA in-field assessments are holistic and consider: 

  • environment parameters (the environments it can or cannot be used in) 
  • operational arrangements (the conditions necessary for safe use) 
  • training requirements (the user training needed to ensure its safe use). 

“The Warringah Freeway Upgrade Project offers the opportunity for day and night operations in an urban area where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic,” said Sreejesh Kishan, AITDSA Program Coordinator.  

“It will also help assess the appropriate traffic volumes for use of the device, the behaviour of motorists and pedestrians, as well as performance under various weather conditions. We will also confirm parameters such as visibility and operating constraints,” he added.  

Since commencing operation in July 2022, the AITDSA panel has recommended four devices for use by transport agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Most of Australia’s road agencies have since adopted the use of these innovations to improve road safety at work sites. 

More information about the approved devices and solutions can be found on the Austroads website.  

All requirements pertaining to the Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management apply to all AITDSA recommendations for use.  

Find out more about the AITDSA scheme and how to make an application.