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Open technology market for On-Board Mass Systems

11 October 2017

Transport Certification Australia (TCA), the national government body responsible for providing assurance in the use of telematics and related intelligent technologies, today announced it has received five applications for type-approval of On-Board Mass (OBM) Systems.

TCA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chris Koniditsiotis said, “The number of applications we have already received since May 2017 is significant because it paves the way for establishing an open technology market for the supply of OBM Systems. This ensures that end-users will be provided with more choice, competitive pricing and innovative technology.”

In May this year, TCA released two specifications in launching the new OBM System program, to join the growing suite of performance based specifications within the nationally agreed National Telematics Framework; The Interconnectivity of Telematics In-Vehicle Unit (IVU) with Other Systems Functional and Technical Specification and the OBM System Functional and Technical Specification.

Suppliers of OBM Systems recognise that TCA type-approval means their product offerings can be recognised across a diverse range of policy areas, regulators and industry sectors.

“Applications for OBM System type-approval must meet both specifications along with a probity and financial assessment. This represents a major step forward in establishing performance-based outcomes for the accuracy, integrity, scalability and interoperability of OBM systems which can satisfy the needs of both industry and government,” Mr Koniditsiotis said.

“The National Telematics Framework provides for a common platform that permits the OBM system type-approval to support multiple policy outcomes. This ensures industry investment is scalable and interoperable to accommodate existing and future needs.

“Type-approval creates a level playing field across comparable systems, but importantly, also allows suppliers to differentiate their product offerings to meet different customer and/or industry needs. TCA recognises that there are often many ways to achieve an outcome. Thus, type-approval fosters innovation and best practice and importantly it promotes competition and choice for end-users.”

“This approach is central to the National Telematics Framework, which provides a marketplace of certified services and type-approved hardware and systems which offer assurance to industry and government alike.”

TCA will keep end-users up to date with the availability of type-approved OBM Systems, as they become available. Further information on OBM system type-approval, including the application process can be found on the TCA website.