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TAP Smart OBM dashboards roll out nationally 

3 April 2023

Smart On-Board Mass (OBM) dashboards are now available to all jurisdictions and local governments with access to TCA’s Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP)

The upgrade comes in response to the latest requirements from road managers to access mass movement data on their road networks. 

Road managers, including local governments, are using the data analytics available through TAP to inform heavy vehicle access decisions, respond to community concerns with data-driven evidence, and even make investment decisions.  

Three years of historical data is also now available through TAP, allowing viewers to see back to early 2020 and observe trends across the last few years. 

New TAP dashboards 

In 2023, TCA rolled out new TAP dashboards that respond to the different user needs to access vehicle movement and mass loading data on the road network.  

Importantly, these enhancements have been introduced in response to feedback received from TAP users. Some of the new features include: 

  • Providing de-identified mass data for combinations with Smart OBM, to allow road managers to assess the impacts of vehicles traversing their road networks and vulnerable structures. 
  • Flagging of vehicle movements that are in excess of digital limits such as total combination mass or axle group mass. 
  • Flagging of potentially over-mass vehicle movements across bridges that are load limited, where vehicles have Smart OBM installed and operational. 
  • Generating statistical snapshots for road managers to be able to view average and maximum loads through specific corridors, laden versus unladen travel, and to be able to select vehicle types form a set of simple pre-defined categories for ease of use and analysis. 
  • Ingesting and visualising local government structure data (especially vulnerable bridges) to allow road managers to more easily manage the flagging of vehicles moving across their assets, and zoom in on specific structures that may be problematic from an access or maintenance perspective. 

We are also open to feedback and suggestions from our stakeholders to further advance the collection, access and use of data through better visualisations. 

To discuss accessing the TAP portal, please email: [email protected]